Centre Philosophy
We aim to provide high quality care and education for your child(ren)  in a warm, safe and nurturing environment.

We feel that play is the foundation of children’s learning therefore we provide a stimulating, play based educational programme that meets the developmental needs of each child. We seek to know each child, based on observations and interactions. The educational programme provides experiences that meet each child’s unique interests and development.

We aim to build relationships with the children that support a sense of belonging, wellbeing and a strong sense of identity. We support the children to become independent individuals who care for others with empathy and respect. We believe in giving a child time to grow, the chance to have a go and experience success and to reflect and build on their strengths.

We believe it is important for children to learn a love of nature and respect for the world that surrounds them. We promote environmentally sustainable practices.

We strive for family and community involvement. We acknowledge that each person has something special to offer to the Centre; tradition, values, gender, religion and experience. We believe that embracing and incorporating these into our Centre helps to promote family and community unity.

We welcome everybody, regardless of their social and ethnic background and look forward to sharing experiences and memories with you and your family as you become a part of our family!
Policies & Procedures
- Absent or Indisposed Staff
- Accident Policy
- Alcohol & Drug Policy
- Appointment of Person to Act in Place of Nominated
- Asthma Managment Policy & Procedure
- Behaviour Managment of Individuals other than Enrolled    
 Children at the Centre
- Behaviour Managment of Non-Enrolled Children at the
- Child Immunisation Policy
- Child Orientation Procedure
- Child Protection Policy
- Code of Conduct Policy
- Confidentiality Policy
- Emergency Evacuation Policy
- Emergency Evacuation Procedure
- Excursion Policy
- Fees, Enrolments & Orientation Policy
- Food Safety Policy
- Grievances & Complaints Policy
- Guiding Children's Behaviour
- Hazardous Chemicals Policy
- Head Lice Policy
- Heating of Food & Babies Bottles Procedure
- Illness & Infectious Diseases & Exclusion Policy
- Inclusion Policy
- Medication Policy
- Nappy Change Policy
- Nappy Change Procedure
- Notifiable Diseases Procedure
- Nutrition Policy
- Occupational Health & Safety Policy
- Occupational Health & Safety Procedure for
- Pregnancy in the Workplace
- Protection of Enrolled Children leaving the
 Place Policy
- Record Keeping Policy
- Relief Staff
- Safety Checks & Maintenance of Buildings &
- Safe Storage & Heating of Food, Drink &
 Babies Bottles Policy
- Sleep & Rest Policy 
- Staff Handwashing Procedure
- Staff Vaccination Policy
- Suitable Clothing Policy
- Sun Protection Policy
- Toileting Policy
- Toileting Procedure
- Volunteer & Student Participation Policy
- Water Safety Policy